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Website Design and Support

Websites work. The most simple site can generate business, gives prospective customers the information they need to make informed decisions and lets you control how you want to be seen - whatever your size.

And for the foreseeable future, most of us need to use the internet to build and even create our businesses. 

Websites don't need to be expensive. There are several inexpensive hosting sites out there with perfectly professional templates that are easy to adapt. I generally use for my own and client sites. Hosting and domain purchase are ususally less than 100 a year (a little more for sites that sell goods).

And they can be very quick to get up and running. Most sites take (me) a few hours. I offer different options, ranging between:

  • I make and maintain the site for you

  • I help you make your initial site and then show you how to maintain and develop it, with ingoing support as required

Why Ivyblue? 

Getting anyone who has made a site before will save you A LOT of time.

My background is not in website design, it's in running businesses. A website is a tool to get you where you need to be. Done well, it's also a concise version of your business strategy. When I help you create a website, you also get a strategic business discussion.

How much does it cost? 

I work on an hourly rate basis, and so it will depend on how much work you need me to do. I will also be flexible on price depending on what stage your business is at, and can provide a fixed fee once I have an understanding of the project. I also offer a yearly service which covers the site costs and ongoing maintenance/development (excluding major new work/redesigns).

The first discussion is free, and might even give you the confidence to try it all for yourself.

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